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Healing Through Yagya/ Pooja / Occult

  • Yagyas help in numero us ways
  • Yagyas help in numerous ways

Ancient seers and sages evolved Mantra therapy for the benefit of general public and developed this Science for treatment of diseases and promotion of health among the people in the world. Yagyopathy is based on basic scientific principles. It is also based on principles of atomic theory. After examining and testing these scientific theories and principles of Yagyopathy,

Yagyas have been introduced in our Delhi ashram, where they are being performed daily – morning, afternoon, evening and night – for the last several years.

Unaccounted numbers of men and women have been successfully cured as a result of Yagyopathy in a wonderful manner. Our experiments have proved that Yagyopathy can do wonders in treating human illnesses particularly those that were declared incurable by most of the famous doctors of every system of medicine. Our research on treatment of diseases by using mantras of Maha Mratunjya, Mritsanjivni and other powerful Gods is original.


(The Statesman, November 7, 1953)

The all-purifying Fire is worshipped all over the world in one form or the other. The sacrosanct fire – Agni – is the only means to develop a direct link with the deities and supernatural powers. The ancient Vedic seers named this practice as Yagya. This is an ancient Vedic practice of offering prayers and sacrifices to Gods with the help of Holy Fire. Many types of help can be sought from unknown divine powers with the help of yagyas. To get a particular aim fulfilled the deities are prayed and yagyas performed.


(The Statesman, November 7, 1953)

Brahmachari Keshav Dev with the fire, he claims to have lit by reciting mantras at a demonstration in New Delhi on Thursday.

A young brahmachari sat cross-legged in the garden of a New Delhi housed at dusk on Thursday, with an empty triangular pit before him. Around him were flowers, traits and other offerings from the householders. He chanted an invocation and folded his hands in prayer; then poured a libation into the pit with a spoon. Tendrils of smoke appeared from the pit. He poured sacrificial ghee on it and the flames shot up. Firewood was added, and loose petals and other offerings made until there was a roaring fire. After years of self-purification, the Brahmachari’s father explained he had attained a state of grace in which he could invoke the spirit of fire.

Yagyas help in numerous ways

(The Statesman, November 7, 1953)

They can help cure diseases, destroy enemies, control turmoil, seeking divine help for solving problems that defy mundane solutions, peace to the departed souls, tasks that seem impossible can be done in a scientific manner with the help of yagyas Yagyas are unique scientific miraculous processes of Indian occult sciences that can provide help in all fields and problems in every way. Peace, prosperity, wealth, health and all round development and upliftment can be achieved through yagyas as it has been told in ancient Vedic scriptures. The ancient rishis and seers evolved various methods of yagya. Thousands of tested methods of yagya have been given in Yajurveda and Rig Veda for different purposes that have proved to be correct. These are to be performed with devotion, dedication, determination, regularity and patience for a considerably long time to accomplish. Mantras and yagya and meditation deliver results only after constant practice, true faith, devotion, dedication, determination and patience. Persons from all nationalities, religions, caste or creed may seek help of these yagyas and mantras for their benefit.

Yagyas can be performed for

  • Prosperity
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Cure Diseases
  • Salvation of the Departed Souls
  • Spiritual Enhancement
  • Protection
  • Nullify Evil effects of Black Magic, Spirits, Powers
  • Victory and Defence against Enemies
  • Business, Career, Profession
  • Well being of children
  • Nullify evil effects of stars and planets
  • Help in all fields
  • Peace for the nation
  • World peace
  • Emancipation from sins
  • Community benefit
  • Destruction of fear in the world
  • World protection

There full arrangements for performing miraculous yagyas following proper rituals and methods as laid down in the Vedas

For those interested in the performance of Yagya they are required to furnish their Name, Father’s name, Gotra (family name), Date of birth, Photograph (close up post card size) and Purpose and Address.

All those who wish to seek spiritual and divine solutions for any of these above problems may contact us at the address given below.

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