Yantra Healing

Miracles of Yantras are miraculous!

  • For help and assistance in tasks in every day life.
  • Solve typical problems.
  • Achieve success in business, carrier, profession, promotion, profit and prosperity.
  • Yantras are powerful – change your future for the better.
  • Miraculous cure for the diseases.
  • Take a Yantra be happy.
  • Yantra For Prosperity
  • Yantra For Business
  • Yantra For Health

His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev Maharaj Yantra program’s spiritually charged Yantras are divinely activated independently by means of siddhi and prayer with the help of different mantras. Yantras are time tested and powerful. Only thing required is your faith. It takes around 11 days to prepare it, involving many pundits scholars. The whole exercise has to be done in a spiritual and traditional manner. This includes gratification, Tarpan, Marjan and food to poor people. Indian Scholars of vedic sciences through their Tapas and Superior intellect have done research on secrets of basic elements of nature and mathematical numbers and evolved powerful Yantras of various types for the benefit of people of this world and for fulfillment of their various desires.

According to His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev Maharaj many things are possible through Yantras. These spiritually charged Yantras have the capacity to invoke celestial powers and strengths and get wonderful works done. It is possible to destroy disease and enemies, obtain intellectual development, increase of wealth; fulfilment of desires and also helps spiritually against unforeseen dangers and ensure your safety. The greatness, effects, powers and wonders of Yantras are unique, beyond imagination and unmatched. For instance : it is possible to destroy deadly ill effects of Tantrik deeds, all types of black magic, Eye effects, Totkas etc. One would be fully secure against all the above ills by keeping Siddha Yantra with him.

Those interested in acquiring of Yantra they are required to furnish their Name, Father’s name, Gotra (family name), Date of birth, Photograph (close up post card size) with Purpose and Address.

Shri Yantra

For material and spiritual wealth.

Baglamukhi Yantra

For victory over enemies.

Gayatri Yantra

For intelligence and happiness.

Budh Yantra

Protection from evil effects of Mercury Planet

Surya Yantra

Protection from evil effects of Sun Planet

Chandra Yantra

Protection from evil effects of Moon.

Maha Mritunjay Yantra

As a panacea against fatal diseases and danger of Death.

Mangal Yantra

Protection from evil effects of Mars Planet and Accidents. Remedy for Mangalic Dosh.

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